Drum Lessons Portland Oregon

Drum Lessons Portland OregonI begin by having a phone conversation with you, or your parent, (which ever is appropriate) so we can establish a sense of our compatibility, comfort level and direction.

I like working with beginning students; a good teacher can help you get there faster, but I also enjoy helping: working professionals playing in lots of bands, or drumming for years!

Lessons are written or verbally expressed for the individual student!

Teaching you the “METHOD”, a uniquely simple approach, will help … you concentrate on finger control, independence, speed, endurance, bounce and to perfect balance between your hands and feet, all in a relaxed manner..

I also incorporate the “MOELLER METHOD”. This approach to drumming uses bio-mechanics and ergonomics to support smoother, injury-free playing. Your own body will teach you how to accomplish this. Your speed and power will increase as well.

Simone – Drum Sample by Nick Saume

We’ll start by working on:

  • Drum pads and a metronome, to perfect your inner rhythms and relaxing techniques
  • Use of mirrors, so you can self-monitor your hands and body mechanics creating a comfort level, and easily correct your technique. By using mirrors you can create a visual approach that encourages concentration on the consistent, even sound of your sticks, bass drum pedal, and hi-hat pedal along with keeping good posture.
  • I teach in my home studio where I have 2 drum sets, several practice pads, bass drum practice pads, hi-hats and mirrors and metronomes.
  • You can look forward to learning a fun discipline, and a simple philosophy with a relaxed and exciting approach to the drums rather than styles of music. You can take what you learn in any direction you choose.

I love playing drums, wouldn’t you love to play too?

Come join me for the fun of playing. There is nothing more satisfying, and rewarding, for me, and hopefully for you, then learning to play the drums!

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